Are high-strength buckle bolts expensive than ordinary bolts?

- May 05, 2017 -

Relatively speaking, the performance of high-strength small buckle bolts stronger than ordinary bolts a lot, according to a sub-price of goods in a single point of view, then the high-strength fine bolt is more expensive than the bolt, but it is also expensive Have your own reason, there are valuable value, it is expensive Oh! The same is a bolt, high-strength fine button bolt manufacturers of high-strength fine button bolts may be in the selection of materials and processing technology than the ordinary bolts are much stronger, that is to say with the material may be more than ordinary bolts Expensive, coupled with some of the product design points are carefully developed, so the cost of high-precision button bolt manufacturers naturally go up, it aims to be able to increase the safety of bolts, the cost of expensive product sales The price is naturally a little more expensive than ordinary bolts. But some people think that high-strength small deduction bolts in fact there is no better than ordinary bolt where to go, I said it is because there is no critical moment, we often say that ten thousand afraid of the event, if there is an accident, it may be high Strength of small buckle bolts much better than ordinary bolt safety!

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