Cause Analysis of High Strength Fine Button Bolt

- May 05, 2017 -

First, there is a possibility that high-strength fine bolt in the production of some small problems, it will lead to a little too large slot. After a period of use, the friction will lead to the phenomenon of slipping.

Second, the high-strength fine button bolt is not very good punch, and some reason is that the screw thread is not very symmetrical, or high-strength fine button bolt manufacturers in the production process angle angle does not meet the requirements, the general Too big. Or high-strength fine button bolt blur and so on a variety of production is not the standard reason, resulting in a red pits depth is not enough, there will be slippery phenomenon.

Third, the high-strength fine bolt bolt wire material is not good, this will lead to the screw in the hardness above the soft, the purity of the wire is not enough. If this is the case, then the manufacturer can increase the hardness of the metal screw by replacing the wire of the high strength fine button bolts.

Fourth, in the use of the process of using too much oil, it will also produce high-strength fine button bolt slip situation. This is when we use high-strength fine button bolts inappropriate when it will appear, so sometimes we also need to learn a certain amount of knowledge, it will be able to avoid high-strength fine bolt in the use of the process of slipping.

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