High-strength bolt production technology requires strict

- May 05, 2017 -

High-strength bolts used in the wire is 45 steel, etc., for the heat treatment of the screw when the use of C1035 for hardening, and this hardening method can generally reach 22 - 32HRC this high strength. For high-strength bolts, it can be said that the company's flagship product, whether it is in the design, production links above, or in the wire of the purchase, technical requirements are done in place. Its purpose is to allow customers to use this kind of screw in the process can be used more comfortable.

For this high-strength bolts 8.8 grade corresponding to 8 nuts, 10.9 corresponds to 10 nuts. Many people will ask why the use of nuts lower than the hardness of the screw? This is a reason, we are in the process, in order to be able to protect the high-strength bolts, to extend the service life, so we are constantly in the process of demolition must be a certain wear and tear, when the 8 nut hardness is relatively low, so It is possible to effectively protect the screws, in the use of such fasteners cost, this mix is more reasonable, as with the wrench when the hardness of the wrench is the highest hardness is the same reason.

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