High-strength fine button bolt manufacturers how to effectively clean high-strength fine button bolt

- May 05, 2017 -

1, flushing the pollution, fasteners need to be quenched after the silicate detergent, and then rinse, flush high-strength fine buckle when the bolt is very careful to prevent the residue.

2, with a soluble emulsion cleaning agent, high-strength fine button bolt surface cleaning agent to be dissolved dirt, leaving the surface of the fastener surface rust film. Emulsifying cleaning agent is a concentrated pure petroleum product.

3, fasteners stacked unreasonable tempering after the discoloration of fasteners will appear signs that there may be an oily residue and ether soaked, indicating that the fastener surface is not clean. Analysis of high-strength fine bolt manufacturers show that when the fastener heating after the accumulation of unreasonable, resulting in a slight fasteners appear in the oxidation of the quenching oil.

4, there are some high-strength fine button bolts different from other varieties, according to high-strength fine buckle bolt specifications need to ensure that the economic cleaning effect, the use of alkaline cleaning agent cleaning time.

5, the surface residue, a high-strength screw white residue analysis equipment, confirmed the phosphating.

6, you can use detergent to clean the outside of high-strength fine buckle bolts.

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