Installation method of high strength fine bolt

- May 05, 2017 -

First, the surface of high-strength fine buckle bolts if there is floating rust or oil, burr on the hole wall or welding tumor should be cleaned up.

Second, the friction surface after treatment must meet the requirements of the standard anti-scratch coefficient, the use of high-strength products should have a corresponding nut, in the use of the time must be used, can not be used interchangeably.

Third, the friction surface of the components after the installation of the time can not be stained with oil or other debris. High-strength fine button bolt manufacturers in the installation of the friction surface must be kept dry, can not be installed in the rain.

Fourth, high-strength fine buckle bolts must be rigorously inspected before installation, and the deformation of the steel plate should be corrected.

Fifth, high-strength fine button bolt manufacturers to remind the time in the installation of the bolt can not be beaten to prevent damage to the thread.

Sixth, in the use of time should be regularly detected electric wrench, to ensure that the torque has been in the exact location, in accordance with the correct order to tighten the operation.

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