The value of the screws is very important

- May 05, 2017 -

The main purpose is to make the industrial products composed of a fixed one, often in the use of teeth and teeth can not be tight between, too hard to lock the screw head off, or bad tooth bad lock does not meet the conditions of use, are quality Accuracy problem. Screws are "quantity products", not handmade works of art, in mass production, in order to achieve high precision and stability of the quality and mass supply to consumers for the purpose. The accuracy of the screw is usually 6g level (2, the US specifications "IFI" for the 2A teeth), the construction of the rough thread for the 8g level (3, "IFI" for the 1A teeth). The value of the screw is very important, the world has a bad quality of the car factory caused by bankruptcy examples; also because of poor screw quality caused by aircraft fall, vehicle subversion example.

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